Sunday, December 7, 2008

Life Rule #123:

Never, and I mean NEVER piss off your Mom, especially if you live with her! To Boss Lady: I meant that in a good way, really I did!! And thanks for helping me with the spelling. And if you let me stay, I promise to keep the Beasts occupied while your knitting.

To Visitors: Well I said I'd post some pics, so here they are: first Miss Hinky-Boo, then Hink & TomTom, and last, just TomTom (with me in the background!). Now for pics of The Family (in order of rank): BossLady,(she's on the left) PlaidMan,(that's his mom on the left, and the top of my head @ the bottom) and myself, DiscoDame.(without my glasses!)

Will somebody PLEASE bring high-speed interwebs out to Joelton?!?! Sorry folks, but the innerwebs out here are too slow for me to add pics right now. I'll have to try at school, check back often. P.S.: The pics are here! Yes, folks, right here at the bottom.

1 comment:

Thomma Lyn said...

*grin*, two cats, huh? Cats are so much fun. I have four, and they keep things hopping around here. They make me laugh every day.

I'm happy to meet you! And I look forward to your pictures. :)