Wednesday, August 5, 2015


If you haven't heard yet, there was an attack at our local movie theater. PlaidMan and I were about to tune in the Weather Channel, but when we turned on the TV Channel 5 came on and said there had been a shooting at the Hickory 8 theater. The only one killed was the suspect (thank God), and only minor injuries for three of the victims. Details are still coming in on local news, I'll post more later.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

More from Antioch

Two posts in one year!! Is it a sign of the end times? Nope, just me deciding to check the blog and post something. Changed the header and some of my profile info. (sigh). Must get to Texas, must get to Texas soon. I don't know how much longer Pup is going to be around, and I've already lost Nana, Grandpa Tom, and Grandma Betty (if y'all follow Mom's blog too, I don't mean my Uncle Steve's mom, who's name is also Betty). One grandparent left, and I don't spend enough time with him.Are we getting a little sad here? Time to brighten things up! As told in the last post (from April), the PlaidPatrol has moved. We've settled into the new place nicely, and we've been doing some exploring around Antioch. I've had multiple encounters with the local spider populations (wolf spiders and brown recluses), TomTom upset the squirrel family living in our backyard, and man were they noisy! It's after 11 pm, so time to go for now.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I'm still here

Remind me to change my header. Well, obviously I'm not co-authoring CeltChick's blog, Tres Divine. But if you've been reading my mom's blog, you would know that the Plaid Patrol has moved to new digs. We're in Antioch now and our new house has two floors! I'm living in the basement (it was made into living space by the previous home owner) and it's not scary at all. We have some nice neighbors around us, and multiple flocks of wild turkeys in the woods nearby. There's also a skunk that likes to visit the back porch (we wish it would stop). We have a pool just a short walk from the backdoor. We're no longer a million miles from everything! There will be more activity on this blog, probably just posts about turkey and squirrel encounters, setting up bird feeders, and filling in the little fish pond (there are no fish in the pond anymore).