Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hello, World!!

I'm baaack (again)!!! It's 2010, I finished my classes @ Draughons (they're now a 4 year college, and have changed their name to Daymar), graduation is on June 05, 2010, I'm looking for a job (must have before June 01) 'cuz I have to start paying rent at the start of June, I'm on facebook, and I just looked @ the clock! Must go, got to get up early, and visit the local carrer center to look for jobs to apply to. TTFN! (I almost forgot, we have high-speed interwebs now. yay!)


Ann said...

June looms large on your horizon...nearly as large as your landlord!

Ann said...

Hey, The Student Knitter wants to know about your degree, check my blog as she's one of my followers. You should dress up & look sharp, then let me get another picture of you with the diploma.